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    MasterPozzolith 55R - A plasticising and water reducing admixture with set retarding properties

    How does MasterPozzolith 55R work?

    MasterPozzolith 55R is a powerful plasticiser which disperses and deflocculates cement particles whilst delaying the hydration process, thereby retarding the initial and final set. It can be used to improve workability without the addition of extra water, or to allow reductions in the free water content. Due to improved dispersion of the cement particles the process of hydration proceeds under the optimum conditions, leading to improved strength characteristics with or without reduction in free water

    Recommended uses:

    • High strength, high cement content, low W/C ratio mixes.
    • Hot weather concrete where control of initial and final set is important.
    • White cement concrete.
    • Retarded mortars (in combination with Rheomix 910)

    What are the benefits of MasterPozzolith 55R?

    • Increases compressive, tensile and flexural strength of concrete.
    • Increases density of concrete reducing permeability and thus increasing durability.
    • Allows a reduction in free water in the region of 8-12%.
    • Highly effective in high cement content low water cement ratio mixes where its use enables concrete to be made more workable without loss in strength, density and durability.
    • Enables controlled extension of initial set.
    • The retarding action allows continuous concrete pours to be made, thus reducing the number of construction joints needed.
    • The strength gain of concrete containing MasterPozzolith 55R is enhanced. After retardation of initial and final set, a more rapid hardening of the concrete occurs, and the effect on stripping time is negligible.​



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