​​MasterPozzolith 20STD - Water reducing plasticiser for concrete

How does ​MasterPozzolith 20STD​ work ?

​​MasterPozzolith 20STD is a powerful plasticiser which deflocculates and disperses the cement particles within a concrete mix. It can be used to improve workability, without the addition of extra water, or to allow reductions in the free water content of the concrete mix. 

​What are the advantages of MasterPozzolith 20STD​?

  • Significantly improves the workability therefore easing placing. 
  • Improves the cohesive properties of the concrete helping to reduce segregation and bleeding. 
  • Allows water reduction in the region of 10% to be achieved whilst maintaining workability, thereby increasing strength, durability and impermeability. 
  • Of particular benefit in hot climatic conditions when used to extend workability. 
  • Enables economies in mix designs to be achieved thereby saving cement. 

Where can MasterPozzolith 20STD​​ be applied ?

  • ​In pre-stressed concrete. 
  • In areas of congested reinforcement where high workability is of benefit. 
  • In pre-cast concrete manufacture. 
  • In concrete brick and block manufacture. 
  • Wherever reduced water content would be of benefit to reduce permeability. 
  • In hot weather to extend workability. ​

Product Information​



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