MasterProtect 300 An elastomeric and protective waterproof and anti-carbonation coating for concrete structures

How does MasterProtect 300 work?

MasterProtect 300 is an elastomeric coating based on acrylic co-polymers and is applied as a liquid. It is a single component polymer emulsion containing inert pigments suitable for application by brush, airless spray or roller onto concrete substrates. After application it cures to form a durable protective membrane.

Once applied MasterProtect 300 inhibits the diffusion of atmospheric carbon dioxide and airborne chlorides into the protected concrete. MasterProtect 300 allows the protected concrete to breathe by allowing moisture vapour to pass thorough it.

What is MasterProtect 300 used for?

MasterProtect 300 is designed for the protection of concrete structures against carbonation and chloride laden water ingress (above grade). The product is also suitable as a seamless and elastomeric waterproofing coating for timber, fibre cement and zinc sheets, asphalt, built-up roofing felt and tiles.

Areas of application are:

  • Concrete repairs.
  • Marine environments
  • Bridge and highway structures
  • Underpasses.
  • Multi storey car parks.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Flat roofs and sloping roofs

What are the benefits of MasterProtect 300?

MasterProtect 300 offers the following advantages:

  • Elastomeric - capable of bridging cracks.
  • Easily applied by roller, brush or airless spray.
  • Provides a barrier against airborne salts and carbon dioxide.
  • U.V. stable - maintains its appearance.

​Product Information

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