​Technologies – TBM

Highly efficient products optimize TBM performance

The MasterRoc product range offers a single source of solutions for shielded TBM (tunnel boring machine) excavation in soft ground and hard rock, increasing TBM advance rate and improving operational efficiency:

  • MasterRoc SLF range of ground conditioning foams give maximum efficiency for every soil type encountered during EPB tunneling.
  • MasterRoc SLP range of polymers enhances the MasterRoc foams in difficult conditions.
  • MasterRoc ACP range of anti-clay agents reduces clogging and adhesion on metal surfaces on soft and hard rock TBMs.
  • MasterRoc TSG range of tail sealants is well proven and cost-effective.
  • MasterRoc BSG range of main bearing sealing greases give effective main bearing protection with outstanding properties resistant to wash-off.
  • MasterRoc EPB high quality EP2 greases.

MasterRoc ABR unique anti-wear and dust suppression technology is designed for hard rock TBMs operating in abrasive ground.

MasterRoc ACP 143 - Anti-clay polymer for earth pressure balance tunnel boring machines

MasterRoc AGA 155 - Plasticising admixture with set retarding properties for use in annular grout mixes for TBM tunneling

MasterRoc AGA 370 - Liquid high performance accelerator as part of two component annular grout system for TBM tunnels

MasterRoc BSG 1 - Main bearing sealant for tunnel boring machines

MasterRoc BSG 11 - Main Bearing Sealing Grease (Extruder Grease) for TBM

MasterRoc DF 880 - Soil conditioning foam for TBM

MasterRoc EPB 1 - Multi-purpose EP2 grease for TBM

MasterRoc EPB 11 - Multi-purpose EP2 grease for TBM

MasterRoc SLF 30 - Soil conditioning foam for TBM

MasterRoc SLF 33 - Soil conditioning foam for Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)

MasterRoc SLF 41 - Soil conditioning foam for TBM

MasterRoc SLF 43 - Soil conditioning foam for TBM

MasterRoc SLP 1 - Liquid polymer for soil conditioning in TBM

MasterRoc SLP 2 - Liquid polymer for soil conditioning in TBM

MasterRoc TSG 6 - Tail sealant for shielded TBM

MasterRoc TSG 7 - Tail sealant for shielded TBM



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