MasterSeal TC 242 is a solvent free, two component aromatic polyurethane coating for traffic decking applications


How does MasterSeal TC 242 work?

MasterSeal TC 242 is a two component elastomeric pigmented polyurethane coating designed for application in trafficked areas. It provides a pigmented, hard-elastic surface resistant to chemicals and abrasion.

What is MasterSeal TC 242 used for?

The high abrasion resistance of MasterSeal TC 242 combined with its elasticity makes it suitable for use on car park decks.

 MasterSeal TC 242 may be used as a top coat for internally applied MasterSeal polyurethane traffic decking applications or as an intermediate coating layer in externally applied MasterSeal polyurethane traffic deck coating systems.

What are the benefits of MasterSeal TC 242?

Among the numerous advantages of MasterSeal TC 242 we can find the following:

  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Elastomeric
  • Good chemical and oil resistance

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet 


MasterSeal TC 242 basalt grey PTA SDS

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