​​​MasterTop 1120 is an epoxy resin coating for concrete floors and walls​


MasterTop 1120 is a two-component, solvented, epoxy resin coating specifically designed to provide continuous protection for substrates including concrete and mortar. It may be applied by brush, roller or airless spray.​

Where is MasterTop 1120 applied?

MasterTop 1120 gives good general protection to concrete surfaces in numerous industrial and commercial applications. Specifically it can be used to provide a hard wearing, easily cleaned, non-dusting surface.

​​​​​MasterTop 1120 offers good resistance to a wide range of chemicals and aggressive solutions found in general industry, but as in all corrosive situations, a full analysis of operating and exposure conditions is required followed by reference to chemical resistance data, to ensure product suitability. 

​​MasterTop 1120 may be used as a top coat for MasterTop 1240 floor finishes to provide a brighter more attractive, durable sealed surface

MasterTop 1120 may be applied in the following areas as a substrate seal coat or a wearing surface to epoxy toppings and screeds. 

NB: This gives examples only and does not constitute a full and comprehensive list. For further information on application possibilities contact BASF CC UAE. 

  • Engineering workshops 
  • Production and assembly lines 
  • Aircraft maintenance and assembly 
  • Warehousing 
  • Laboratories 
  • Chemical production and processing 
  • Battery and pump rooms​

Whar are the advantages of MasterTop 1120?

  • Economical and easily applied 
  • Good wear and abrasion resistance 
  • Good general chemical resistance 
  • Easily cleaned, non dusting surface

Product Information



MasterTop 1120_TDS

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