MasterWeld- Adhesives specially formulated to create strong, long lasting  bonds on a variety of construction applications

Why choose MasterWeld?

Under the Master Builders Solutions brand, BASF provides MasterWeld adhesives that are specially designed to provide long lasting performance in a variety of construction applications.  For each application - from carpet tack strips and flooring to wall panel installations to mirrors  to metals or any other interior decoration application - MasterWeld adhesives' time-tested formulations create a strong bond between the substrate and installation materials. BASF MasterWeld adhesives meet the most demanding specifications.     

What makes MasterWeld a unique solution?

MasterWeld adhesives are formulated using a wide range of innovative technologies designed to meet the needs for your specific application.  MasterWeld adhesives are optimized to provide ease of application and strong adhesion that you can rely on or for no-nail application as popularly known.

MasterWeld Products