February 25, 2014

BASF introduces hybrid performance precision grout for construction

MasterFlow 4316 offers high early and ultimate compressive strengths in wide application, in-service temperature range

BASF today introduced a new product in North America designed for precision grouting of critical equipment. MasterFlow 4316 hybrid performance grout combines the strength of an epoxy grout with the ease of application of cementitious grouting materials.

MasterFlow 4316 grout is the newest addition to the Master Builders Solutions grout family, specified globally as premier products for demanding applications such as compressors, generators, pump bases and drive motors, tank bases, conveyors and column supports.

MasterFlow 4316 provides a stable interface between equipment and foundations because it features optimum load transfer and will withstand in-service temperatures of 1000º F (538º C).

"Contractors and owners have expressed the need for a grout that can be installed at low temperatures without delay in bringing equipment online," said Ken Calautti, Industry Sector Manager, Power, Industry and Infrastructure for BASF’s Construction Systems business in North America. "We worked closely with customers to understand their requirements, and utilized BASF chemistry to develop a grout that exhibits outstanding flow properties and compressive strength, even at near-freezing temperatures. The result is a faster return to service with reduced shutdown times."

MasterFlow 4316 grout offers a unique combination of application and performance benefits. It will achieve 4,300 psi (30 MPa) compressive strength at 8 hours, and greater than 16,000 psi (115 MPa) ultimate strength. Even under cold weather extremes it will reach 4,100 psi (28 MPa) at one day. The one-component grout is easy to mix, has low odor and can be easily cleaned up with water.

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