BASF introduces MasterSeal SL 100 self-leveling sealant for damp and green concrete applications

SHAKOPEE, MN, August 1, 2016 – BASF recently launched MasterSeal SL 100 in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The new sealant is designed to help expedite construction project schedules and keep horizontal joints weathertight, even in the most demanding conditions.

MasterSeal SL 100 is the newest offering in the line in the MasterSeal line of sealants and waterproofing products, and part of BASF's Master Builders Solutions brand. Its hybrid technology permits application to freshly placed (green) concrete as soon as 24 hours after forms are removed, compared with the 21 days recommended for most sealants. Earlier access to jobsites allows contractors to save on labor costs. The sealant can also be placed on damp concrete, helping minimize the impact of rain on project schedules.

With tenacious adhesion to multiple substrates such as concrete, metal and stone, MasterSeal SL 100 can help simplify the sealant selection process. Recommended uses include plaza decks, parking structures, balconies, industrial floors, driveways and garages, sidewalks, and numerous other horizontal joint applications.

MasterSeal SL 100 has an unprecedented skin time of 5-45 minutes, depending on weather conditions. This feature further shortens project schedules, because it requires less time to dry and reduces accumulation of dust and debris. The strong UV resistance results in a weathertight seal that retains its color over time. Additionally, it can be painted once it's cured, allowing for future flexibility.

The George D. Allen Company, in Grand Prairie, Texas, took part in the field trials for this product.

"During the sealant curing process, we noticed immediately how quickly this new hybrid material skins over.  It took roughly 5 minutes to form a skin on the sealant surface," said Doug DeSilvio, Director of Operations at George D. Allen. "Another positive for our company was the viscosity of the sealant. The new formulation makes it easier to gun the material. MasterSeal SL 100's new formulation is contractor-friendly and will help expedite schedules and save time and money on call backs."

MasterSeal SL 100 is available in packages that are easy to open and reseal, reducing material waste and saving labor.

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