Enhanced MasterFlow 648 precision grout offers safety and application benefits

Combines superior physical properties with installation advantages and global availability

SHAKOPEE, MN, September 15, 2016 – BASF's Construction Chemicals division has enhanced and aligned the performance and availability of MasterFlow 648 epoxy resin-based precision grout. The product is now available on all continents, supported by knowledgeable BASF sales and technical teams, so engineers, equipment manufacturers, contractors and owners can specify and install the grout with confidence.

MasterFlow 648 is used to secure critical equipment for proper alignment and transmission of static and dynamic loads, vibration and rotational torque in the Power Generation, Chemical Processing and Petroleum Refining industries, as well as LNG Production, Storage and Transmission, Pulp & Paper Production, Steel and Aluminum Manufacturing, Mining and other industries.

BASF has applied advanced chemistry to balance the physical properties of the grout with the sometimes difficult yet also very important application enablers of flow and working time, to provide uncompromised and durable support, protecting the equipment investment by improving reliability, operating efficiency and life cycle of machinery.

MasterFlow 648 meets the requirements of relevant grout specifications, standards and practice documents in all regions of the world, such as API 686, ASTM C579 and many more international and local standards. The product delivers high early and ultimate compressive strengths to allow rapid commissioning of equipment or fast return to service in shut downs. It is formulated to also achieve additional important and related performance properties such as High Effective Bearing Area of the grout for even load distribution; minimal shrinkage and low creep to provide full baseplate contact under load and over long periods of time to maintain machinery alignment; as well as the ability of the grout to withstand elevated service temperatures and chemical exposure.

Contractors appreciate the improvements in safety and installation characteristics, including reduced dust in material mixing, low odor, soap and water clean-up, and superior flow allowing placement flexibility. MasterFlow 648 is formulated to be poured or pumped, and a high flow mix can be used to meet challenging installation scenarios. BASF Construction Chemicals teams around the world work closely with design professionals, equipment manufacturers and plant owners to provide detailed technical assistance and independent testing results, and support contractors with guidance on the correct mixing, application, finishing and testing procedures.

For further information, please visit www.masterflow-648.basf.com