BASF is proud to announce the transition of the Thoro concrete and waterproofing products to the Master Builders Solutions brand

The full range of product solutions will now appear in the market under the global Master Builders Solutions brand names.  The Master Builders Solutions brand is respected and specified by construction professionals around the world.  This change ensures customers accustomed to the Thoro brand still get the same full range of product solutions, but with greater product accessibility, enhanced packaging and first-class marketing support. 

The complete Crossover Guide can be found using the link below:

BASF Thoro Crossover Guide 

New Product Name 

MasterEmaco A 660 - (Formerly Acryl 60) Water based acrylic bonding and modifying admixture

MasterProtect H 107 - (Formerly Concrete and Masonry Sealer) Breathable, water-based silane / siloxane water-repellent concrete and masonry sealer

MasterProtect P 110 - (Formerly Thorobond) Liquid bonding agent for plaster, stucco and concrete

MasterSeal 581 - (Formerly Thoroseal) Waterproof cement-based coating for concrete, brick and masonry

MasterSeal 582 - (Formerly Thoroseal Foundation Coating) Waterproof cement-based coating for exterior below-grade concrete masonry

MasterSeal 583 - (Formerly Super ThoroSeal) Waterproof cement-based coating for concrete, brick and masonry

MasterSeal 590 - (Formerly Waterplug Hydraulic Cement) One-component, cement-based, fast setting water-stop repair mortar