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    ​What are the Top Five Trends in Exterior Cladding Design?

    When it comes to exterior walls of a building, both function and aesthetic appeal matter—not only does the exterior cladding of a building influence the look and feel of the surrounding environment, but also leaves lasting impressions. At the same time, architects, designers and developers want high-performance buildings that are durable and energy efficient. That’s why selecting the right exterior wall cladding material that can achieve both function and aesthetic objectives is so imperative. With so many options in the marketplace today, selecting the right building materials can be complicated and confusing. 

    Continuously insulated drainage wall systems can drastically simplify the building materials selection and specification process because these types of wall systems are fully integrated, including continuous insulation, air and water-resistive barrier and drainage for effective heat, air and moisture control. The system is also comprehensively tested to ensure all components work together seamlessly as mandated by today’s building codes and covered under a single-source manufacturer warranty. A variety of aesthetic options can be achieved from thin brick to tile, wood and metal. 

    Here is our list of the top five trends in exterior cladding:

    ​1. ​Charming and traditional, brick is one of the most common exterior claddings. This retail center in South Carolina​ achieved a multi masonry exterior​ with thin brick and stone veneer over continuous insulation that will stand the test of time and increase energy efficiency. 

    2.​​​ ​Warm and authentic, wood is a natural cladding choice, but can be difficult and costly to maintain long term. The Hampton Inn & Suites in Charlotte, North Carolina achieved the inviting look of wood panels with the Wood Grain Effect, a low maintenance specialty technique using a combination of acrylic finishes.

    3. ​Metal panels are a popular exterior cladding choice that creates a sleek, industrial aesthetic. While Service King typically used Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panels as part of their façade, this specific location in Spring, Texas recently achieved the same look of metal with Metallic Effect at a fraction of the cost. 

    4. From granite to limestone and much more, stone is the ideal way to add depth, texture and elegance to a building. A variety of stone appearances can be created with highly durable, weather-resistant acrylic finishes. Mary Our Queen Church in Peachtree, Georgia maintains its inviting aesthetic with the Limestone Finish. 
    5. Vibrant colors make a bold statement and create contrast in building design. With its modern and sophisticated design, Tru by Hilton in Ft. Mill, South Carolina​ incorporates colorful alternating panels created with Chroma Finish. This bright, high performance finish integrates advanced technology for superior fade-resistance. ​
    Mixed cladding continues to be a popular trend among the architectural and design community. Combining contrasting aesthetics such as modern and traditional, rustic and elegant, textured and sleek cladding materials can create instant visual interest and appeal but can be difficult to detail transitions from one cladding material to another. Dealing with different building materials manufacturers, warranties and ensuring materials are compatible can add complexity and lead to possibly costly delays or rework.

    A continuously insulated drainage system can create significant efficiencies and reduce complexity on your next build. This type of system incorporates the necessary components for effective heat, air and moisture control, thoroughly tested to ensure code-compliance and covered under a single-source manufacturer warranty, so you can build with confidence. The system seamlessly achieves a mixed cladding aesthetic, including wood, metal, stone and much more. Learn more about Senergy and Finestone continuously insulated drainage systems. ​​​​​​