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    Precast Septic Tanks - Spokane, WA

    The Washington Department of Health (WDOH) now requires all precast septic tanks to meet new loading requirements. The White Block Company, a precast manufacturer in Washington State, was faced with two difficult challenges; an increase in the reinforcement required and the rising cost of steel reinforcement.

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    Intergral Waterproofing - Ketch Lake Dam, Fort Sill, OK

    For this mass concrete application, the specifications required the concrete temperature at the point of delivery to be below 85 °F (29 °C). Additionally, the concrete had to be watertight.

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    Southwest Calgary Ring Road BEBO® Arch - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    BEBO® Arch Systems are reinforced precast concrete arch structures that are covered with a membrane and overfilled with earth to form a bridge, tunnel or other hollow structure. The Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR) highway tunnel, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, will be the longest BEBO structure in Canada, measuring 165.5 m (543 ft).

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    2nd Avenue Subway - New York, New York

    Eliminating the need for conventional reinforcing steel in a commuter subway tunnel, resulting in substantial labor savings.

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    Fort Drum Connector Bridge Beams - Jefferson County, NY

    The concrete specified for the 100' x 84" high beams fell under the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) high-performance concrete specifications, which requires the use of 5 gal/yd3 (25 L/m3) of a calcium nitrite-based corrosion-inhibiting admixture. The concrete had to achieve a compressive strength of 8,500 psi (58.6 MPa) in 34 hours and 10,100 psi (69.6 MPa) at 28 days in order for New Enterprise to meet scheduling requirements. 

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    I-75 Rehabilitation - Ohio/Kentucky Border

    Replaced concrete sections of a high-traffic interstate highway on each of 16 week-ends to minimize lane closure time. Due to logistics of the dangerous and crowded construction zone, all the admixtures had to be dispensed at the concrete batch plant.

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    I-93 Rapid Bridge Replacements - Medford, MA

    14 bridges on Interstate 93, where the traffic volume is 200,000 cars per day, needed replacement due to deterioration of the concrete. Using normal construction procedures, this project would have taken at least five years to complete. In order to accelerate the project and minimize the impact on commuters, accelerated project development and construction techniques were used.          

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    I-44 Pavement Repairs - Missouri

    This was a full-depth pavement replacement project along Interstate 44 in three counties in Missouri.  To minimize commuter inconvenience, all work had to be performed daily between 11 PM and 6 AM.  Substantial penalties would be assessed by the Missouri Department of Transportation for delay in re-opening the highway for traffic. 

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    I-5 "Boat Section" Replacement - Sacramento River, CA

    California’s Interstate 5 is the main north-south  highway on the West Coast. The three-quarter mile stretch of I-5 along the Sacramento River is often referred to as the “Boat Section” since it lies below water level and required draining of the area when it was originally built in the 1960s. Since then, the Boat Section has been plagued by river silt and sand blockages in its drainage system, which allowed water to be pushed up through the pavement and cause cracking and deterioration. Replacement of the Boat Section was critical to better accommodate the nearly 200,000 trucks and motorists that drive the stretch daily.

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    I-77 / I-64 Lane Replacement - Beckley, WV

    Several stretches of the I-77/I-64 West Virginia turnpike were in need of replacement. The turnpike commission was interested in a fast-track replacement of the deteriorated lanes to minimize inconvenience to motorists.  This required a ready-mixed concrete mixture that would achieve the required compressive strength even in the cool springtime ambient temperatures.

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    Highway 140 Intersection Replacement - Merced County, CA

    General Contractor, W. Jaxson Baker Inc., was challenged with replacing an entire asphalt intersection with concrete within one week. The challenge was issued by CalTrans to minimize disruption to traffic flow and lane closures. 

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    Alamo Truck Stop Weigh Scale - Sparks, NV

    The Alamo truck stop weigh scale in Sparks, Nevada is a major source of revenue for the city. An estimated 43,800 big-rig tractor-trailers, weighing approximately 150,000 to 160,000 lb (68,180 – 72,730 kg) each, use the annually to accurately determine their load. The asphalt around the approach and exit areas of the scale ruts severely due to the constant low-speed start-and-stop truck traffic entering and exiting the scale and historically has been repaired on an annual basis.

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    Interstate Lane Replacement in Sub-Zero Temperatuers - Vacaville, CA

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    Additional Infrastructure Project References List

    Pocahontas Regional Sewer District - Slaty Fork, WV

    Weymouth Oxidation Facility of Southern California Water District

    Beverly Gardens Lily Pond Restoration - Beverly Hills, CA

    Lorenzi Park Renovations - Las Vegas, NV

    Salt Shed - New York

    Pool Extension - Malibu, CA

    Everglades Agricultural Area A-1 Flow Equalization Basin - West Palm Beach, FL

    Freedom Boulevard Sidewalk - Watsonville, CA

    Greensburg Water Treatment Plant - Greensburg, KY

    I-70 Interchange Slope - Denver, CO

    MMC Natural Gas Compressor Pad - Jackson, MS

    Pinellas County WTE Facility - St Petersburg, FL

    Pennsylvania Turnpike Jersey Barriers - Pennsylvania

    Stroudsburg Water Treatment Plant - Stroudsburg, PA

    University of California Drainage Ditch -  Santa Cruz, CA

    White City Water Treatment Plant - White City, SK, Canada