Stadiums and Sports Venues Project References

Husky Stadium - University of Washington; Seattle, WA

Located on the campus of the University of Washington, Husky Stadium hosts several Pac-12 football games as well as several other outdoor events every year.  The stadium resides on Union Bay of Lake Washingon, and boasts an inconic profile in the city of Seattle.    In 2012, the stadium needed a solution for pederstrian waterproofing in the seating and concourse area that could bond to both concrete and steel.  BASF was able to work with the contractor to find a system that saved on labor hours and kept the project on time and within in budget. 

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Additional Stadium and Sports Project References List

Beverly Gardens Park Lily Pond - Bevery Hills, CA

Lorenzi Park Splash Pad - Las Vegas, NV

Pasadena Casting Pond - Pasadena, CA

Rockland Boulders Baseball Stadium - Pomona, NY

Woodward West Skate Park - Tehachapi, CA