Solutions for K-12 Education

Create a space that inspires the next generation and enables student success through your design. The following construction materials have been hand-picked by our technical experts to increase comfort, durability and safety in K-12 education structures. 

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03 24 00 Synthetic Fiber Solutions for Concrete

For concrete floors/slab on ground:

For elevated decks / composite metal decks:
  • Consider replacing wire mesh with synthetic fibers to control temperature & shrinkage cracking. Use MasterFiber MAC 360 FF Hybrid Fiber at 4 lbs/yd³ in your concrete design and place your decks faster.

07 10 00 Waterproofing

Protect your next school building against moisture damage.
To protect foundations and to waterproof between split slab applications:
  • MasterSeal HLM 5000- seamless bitumen-modified polyurethane waterproofing membrane for exterior below-grade applications. DIV 07 14 16

To protect below grade concrete and masonry substrates:
  • MasterSeal 581- cement based coating to help protect building interiors from dampness and moisture damage. Resistant to both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, suitable for interior and exterior use. DIV 07 16 00

07 18 00 Traffic Coatings & Deck Membranes

Specify a waterproofing system to help protect wearing surfaces from pedestrian and or vehicular traffic abrasion, as well as to protect concrete from scaling and chloride intrusion.  

To protect balconies, exposed concrete stairs and walkways:
  • MasterSeal Traffic 1500- waterproofing membrane system that is ideal for light to medium duty traffic. DIV 07 18 16 

For elevated decks:
  • MasterSeal Traffic 2500- waterproofing membrane system that provides excellent waterproofing and protects the occupied spaces below. DIV 07 18 16

07 24 00 Exterior Cladding & Masonry Veneer Systems

Continuous insulation cladding systems provide nearly endless aesthetic possibilities, while saving on energy costs. Senergy offers architects a unique combination of advantages for your projects, such as moisture protection, continuous insulation, and design flexibility.  We can turn your creative inspiration into a beautiful, sustainable, fully engineered cladding system that has the building science you need, at a cost that meets the demands of your design. Find the details you need to bring your design to life.  

Considering multiple claddings on a project? Check out our latest innovation MaxGrip Veneer Mortar which can be used to adhere thin brick, natural and manufactured stone and tile to a broad range of substrates for exterior and interior applications. (DIV 07 24 23)

07 27 26 Fluid-Applied Membrane Air Barriers

Air intrusion into a structure can cause moisture and condensation to collect in walls; which can lead to significant problems for the client (mold & mildew, poor air indoor air quality, structural damage). To manage and control moisture in your wall systems and building envelope, it is critical to understand where the dew point will be (inside or outside the wall). 

For conditions that require a vapor permeable air/water-resistive barrier: 
  • MasterSeal AWB 660 – fluid-applied air/water-resistive barrier prevents air leakage and should be continuous throughout the structure. Qualify as both an air/water-resistive barrier and flexible flashing material. DIV 07 27 26

For conditions that require a vapor impermeable air/water-resistive barrier:
  • MasterSeal AWB 660 I – fluid-applied air/water-resistive barrier that can also function as a Class 1 vapor retarder. Provides excellent secondary moisture protection behind most wall claddings including brick, siding, metal panels EIFS and stucco. DIV 07 27 26

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07 92 00 Joint Sealants

The integrity of a structure is often only as good as the sealants used. 

For windows, doors and siding applications that need to bond to concrete, masonry units or porous substrates: 
  • MasterSeal NP1- polyurethane sealant with movement capability ±35%, VOC content = 35 g/L, VOC compliant for interior use per LEED v.4 Low-Emitting Materials. Suitable for immersion in water. 13 standard colors.    DIV 07 92 13 

For coated metal applications (PDVF coatings):
  • MasterSeal NP 100- hybrid sealant that combines polyurethane & silicone properties with movement capability ±50%, VOC content = 29 g/L; VOC compliant for interior use per LEED v.4 Low-Emitting Materials.  CDPH v1.1 compliant. 14 standard colors with 40 stocked tint bases available. DIV 07 92 13 

07 95 00 Expansion Control from Watson Bowman Acme

Help inspire learning through designs and products that provide flexibility and stability. To simplify the decision-making process, we recommend starting with these flush interior floor joints:
  • Wabo® Corridor Wrap Floor - accommodates 1”-4” movements, interior floor joint system, economical and comes in 4 standard colors, accommodates a variety of flooring materials. Coordinating wall and ceiling systems available. 
  • Wabo® Fast Floor - accommodates 1”-6” movements, economical, durable and can accommodate a variety of field construction. No block-outs required. Can accommodate thermal and multi-directional seismic movement.  Coordinating wall system available.   

To maintain the integrity of the interrupted fire rated assembly and prevent the spread of fire:  All systems tested to meet appropriate UL, ASTM, NFPA, ICBO, and CAN/ULC guidelines. All joint systems can be fire rated by combining the selected system with one of Watson Bowman Acme’s fire ​rated systems.
  • Wabo® Fire Flex- 2hr fire rating, for multidirectional movements and vertical or horizontal applications
  • Wabo® Flame Guard II- 3hr fire rating, for vertical, horizontal or under slab applications

For more Watson Bowman Acme brand solutions, view their full portfolio of solutions​.​

09 61 13 Slip Resistant Coatings

Keep students safer by specifying a slip resistant safety finish for your high pedestrian areas

For asphalt or concrete exterior student recreation areas: 
  • MasterSeal 658 - slip resistant safety finish acrylic coating with excellent UV resistance. Multiple colors available.

09 67 00 Resinous Flooring Solutions

For restrooms/locker rooms, cafeterias, classrooms, laboratories and corridors - Seamless, budget friendly, highly versatile, VOC compliant, durable, decorative and long-lasting epoxy floors. 
  • MasterTop 1234- Epoxy-resin binder with colored quartz aggregates; ideal for light to medium student traffic areas; system thickness = 1/8" (3mm) to 3/16” (5mm). DIV 09 67 26 

To expedite the flooring installation process and manage moisture in concrete:
  • MasterTop VB 240FS- fast setting, 100% solids epoxy moisture vapor barrier system that reduces the permeance of moisture vapor through concrete to levels that are acceptable for the installation of resinous flooring systems. Can be applied to 7 day-old concrete. Complete system warranty when used with MasterTop systems. DIV 03 39 00

09 97 00 Special Coatings- Exterior

Help protect the educational facility from the elements and keep the colors looking bold.

To protect vertical above grade concrete & masonry applications:  
MasterProtect HB 400 - water based, high-build 100% acrylic coating resists wind-driven rain and provides effective carbon dioxide diffusion and to help protect embedded steel from corrosion.  It is available in a broad range of colors and textures. (DIV 09 97 23)

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K-12 Education

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