Solutions for Marine Structures

After prolonged exposure, water can be a destructive element for concrete. The Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF addresses both new and refurbishment solutions for marine structures such as piers, harborside structures, dams, caissons, piles, and rip rap that may face constant wave pressure, extreme weather conditions and corrosion from salt water.

Concrete Admixtures and Fibers

Careful consideration at the time of construction can limit cracks, leaks and deterioration to extend the service life of concrete structures. We solve the challenges associated with marine structures or concrete placed in underwater conditions with specialty products that include corrosion-inhibiting technologies and anti-washout admixtures.  The corrosion-inhibiting technologies offered by BASF delay the onset of chloride-induced corrosion and help achieve the design service lives of steel-reinforced concrete structures.  The BASF anti-washout admixtures keep concrete cohesive and minimize the washout of cement and fines, thus, helping to achieve the desired strength and durability while minimizing environmental impacts to aquatic life. 

Durability-enhancing admixtures

Anti-washout admixtures

Concrete Repair, Protection and Strengthening

Under the Master Builders Solutions brand, BASF supplies almost every repair and protection solution necessary to extend the life span of concrete in this most aggressive of environments. These range from market leading anti-carbonation and hydrophobic coatings, fast curing concrete repair mortars and essential crack repair to tried and tested cathodic protection products that are ideal for maritime structures.

Concrete Repair

MasterProtect Coatings and Corrosion Inhibitors

Marine Structures

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