Solutions for Power and Industry

Our modern world has ever-increasing energy demands. Whether your challenges are Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Hydroelectric, Wind or Nuclear, the Master Builders Solutions experts from BASF partner with you to support the industry's requirements - cost effectively, reliably and sustainably.

Concrete Admixtures and Fibers

The extreme demands of the power generation industry call for superior, high strength concrete that can withstand attack from aggressive environments, moisture and other corrosive agents, as well as damage from vibrations and impact. The Master Builders Solutions brand offers durability- and performance-enhancing admixtures that contribute to a longer service life, optimized workability, reduced shrinkage and reduced permeability.

Concrete Admixtures

Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Concrete Repair and Protection

The Master Builders Solutions brand contains a comprehensive range of repair and protection products that maintain and improve the structural durability and performance of power and industrial facilities and installations. Our innovative solutions and products can withstand severe conditions and aggressive environments by optimizing structural integrity and maintaining complex repairs.

Concrete Repair

Grouting Solutions and Reference Library

Master Builders Solutions’ experts from BASF have engineered an ultra-durable grout offering to meet the demands of the power industry. Our high-strength, fatigue-resistant grouts are uniquely formulated to reliably withstand dynamic forces, temperature extremes, enormous vibrations, high wind loads, and nuclear radiation.

Video Links

Epoxy Grouting Under Base Plates Instruction

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Weather Variables that Affect Grouting 

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Technical Bulletins

Guide to Cementitious Grouting

Guide to Epoxy Grouting: Proper Preparation, Mixing, Installation and Testing

Guide to Chemical Resistance of Epoxy Grouts

Guide to Epoxy Grouting

Guide to Aggregate Extension

Guide to Mixing Bulk Bags

Guide to Forming for Grout Installations

Non Catalyzed vs Catalyzed Grouts

Shoulder Cracks / Portland Cement Grouts

Causes and Prevention - Edge Lifting Epoxies

Reinforcing Bar Installation in Epoxy Grouts

Expansion Joint Recommendations

Guide to Identifying Causes for Low Compressive Strength

Grout Placement Report Form

Aggregate Extension of Cementitous Grouts

MasterFlow 647 Installation Guide

Product Brochures

Grouting Solutions Brochure

Industrial Shutdowns Brochure

Power and Energy Brochure

Concrete Repair Solutions for Nuclear Facilities Concrete Repair Solutions for Nuclear Facilities

Grouting Solutions for Nuclear Facilities brochure teaserGrouting Solutions for Nuclear Facilities

Product Selector Guides

Cementitious Grouts Selector Guide

Epoxy Grouts Selector Guide

Article Reprints

Chemical Engineering May 2018 - Setting the Foundation for Equipment Reliability 

Concrete Repair Bulletin May 2017 - Effective Bearing Area Estimation of Structural Grouts 

JPCL November 2014 - Machinery Foundation Grouting: Perforamance Solutions that Challenge Movement

Alternative Power Magazine June 2010 - What to Consider when Concreting Wind Turbine Foundations

MasterFlow Product Selector and Grout Volume Calculator

MasterFlow Product Selector and Grout Volume Calculator Tool

Link to Product Pages

MasterBrace Strengthening Systems

MasterEmaco Concrete Repair

MasterFlow Grouting Solutions

MasterInject Crack Repair

MasterProtect Coatings

Project Forms

BASF P and I Project Detail Form

BASF P and I Project Pre-Job Checklist

MasterFlow Grouting Solutions

Power and Industry

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