Adhesives & OEM Sealants

Helping you create superior flooring installations

MasterWeld adhesives are specially designed to provide long-lasting performance in a variety of applications. Benefits include:
  • Ease of application for reduced installation time
  • Strong adhesion for long-lasting performance and aesthetics
  • Durability for the most demanding applications

Construction Adhesives & Universal Bonding Products

MasterWeld 620

Versatile one-component, elastomeric adhesive and sealant | For use on a wide variety of substrates | Withstands 25% total joint movement | Tack free in as little as 25 minutes | Can be painted

MasterWeld 622

One component, multi-purpose, flexible, polyurethane adhesive | Provides high strength and tear resistance, even when subjected to dynamic movement

MasterWeld 626

One-component adhesive and sealant provides quick-curing elastomeric bond to a variety of materials | Excellent strength; can be used to eliminate mechanical fasteners | Fast tack-free and skin time | Primerless adhesion improves production efficiency

MasterWeld 810

Premium hybrid wood flooring adhesive | Easy to trowel consistency | Strong initial strength builds to tenacious but resilient bond | Cleans easily off wood finish when fresh or cured | Low odor and VOCs is safe for indoor installation

MasterWeld 941

Trowel-grade polyurethane construction adhesive | Strong adhesion to a wide variety of materials | Freeze/thaw stable | Extremely low odor enables use in occupied buildings

MasterWeld 948

High strength polyurethane adhesive | Produces a permanent, overnight bond to almost any substrate | Low odor, low-VOC formula is safe for indoor installations | Broad service temperature range is suitable for hot and cold climates

MasterWeld 990

Elastic trowel-grade polyurethane adhesive | Permanently flexible, allowing wood and other construction materials to contract and expand | Suitable for a wide variety of wood flooring species

MasterWeld 654

High performance, hybrid structural adhesive | High strength; can be used to replace mechanical fasteners | Fast curing | Primerless adhesion improves production efficiency | UV-resistant for long-lasting color stability

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