MasterWeld 941: Trowel grade polyurethane adhesive

Formerly: Chemrex 941

MasterWeld 941 description

MasterWeld 941 is a one component, polyurethane based, trowel grade adhesive.  Its elastomeric properties enable it to move with a variety of materials.  It is VOC compliant in all regions, and contains no solvent or water that can cause wood to expand.  MasterWeld 941 provides excellent initial green strength and provides an outstanding bond to a variety of materials. 

Recommended uses

  • Interior and exterior applications
  • Recycled rubber tiles and rolled goods
  • Cork flooring and underlayments
  • Underlayment grade OSB
  • Wood substrates including flooring and trim

What are the unique features of MasterWeld 941?

  • Strong adhesion to a variety of materials
  • Contains no water or solvents
  • Strong green strength

What are the benefits of MasterWeld 941?

  • Creates a strong , long lasting bond in a variety of applications
  • Extremely low odor and VOC compliant in all regions
  • Freeze / thaw stable
  • Creates a strong initial bond for ease of installation

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MasterWeld 941 SDS

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