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    Air Barriers

    High performance and water-resistive for long-term durability

    Based on unique Silica Fortified Rubber™ chemistry, MasterSeal air and water resistive barriers provide an optimal balance of properties to meet your project requirements:
    • Durable, abrasion-resistant and UV-stable
    • Plasticizer-free for improved compatibility and long-term performance
    • Self-sealing with typical fasteners such as screws, nails and staples

    MasterSeal AWB products have undergone extensive third-party testing to validate performance, giving you peace of mind.

    Air Barrier Products


    MasterSeal AWB 960 AC

    Low temperature additive enables application of MasterSeal air barrier materials at temperatures as low as -4°C (25°F)

    MasterSeal AWB 970 FIB

    Composite membrane of polyester fabric and rubberized asphalt | Connects different air barrier materials or assemblies together to make the air barrier continuous

    MasterSeal AWB 971 FIB

    Reinforced non-woven polyester fabric designed for use with MasterSeal air/water- resistive barrier systems | Use over rough openings, sheathing joints and transitions

    MasterSeal AWB 975 FIB

    Corner reinforcement for use with MasterSeal air/water-resistive barrier systems | One-piece coverage of window corner yields consistent moisture protection | Fast and easy application
    Fluid-Applied Air and Water Resistive Barriers

    MasterSeal AWB 600 FL

    Block filler designed to prepare porous concrete masonry substrates for application of MasterSeal AWB systems | Facilitates adhesion of through wall flashing systems

    MasterSeal AWB 660

    One-component fluid-applied vapor permeable air/ water-resistive barrier | Provides secondary moisture protection behind most wall claddings including brick, siding and metal panels

    MasterSeal AWB 660 I

    One-component fluid-applied air/ water-resistive barrier that can also function as a Class I vapor retarder | Provides secondary moisture protection behind most wall claddings including brick, siding and metal panels

    MasterSeal AWB 665

    A one component fluid-applied vapor permeable air/ water-resistive barrier based on Silica Fortified Rubber chemistry
    Liquid Flashing

    MasterSeal AWB 900

    One-component, elastometric liquid flashing membrane for rough openings | Can be applied to damp substrates | Fast cure and tack-free time | Withstands rainfall immediately after application
    Air Barriers

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