MasterSeal AWB 600 FL block filler

(formerly Enershield FIL)

MasterSeal AWB 600 FL description

A one-component, water-based block filler based on Silica Fortified RubberTM chemistry. It has been specifically designed for use with BASF MasterSeal AWB air/water-resistive barrier products.

Recommended uses for MasterSeal AWB 600 FL

  • Prepare rough, porous concrete / masonry substrates for subsequent application of MasterSeal AWB fluid-applied air/water-resistive barrier products
  • Promote adhesion of MasterSeal AWB 970 FIB self-adhesive membranes to rough CMU surfaces
  • Create tight, seamless expansion joints and facilitate adhesion of through-wall flashing systems

MasterSeal AWB 600 FL features and benefits

  • Low shrinkage; fills voids and pores
  • Water-based; nonflammable, low toxicity

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