​MasterSeal AWB 900: Liquid flashing membrane

MasterSeal AWB 900 description

MasterSeal AWB 900 is a one-component elastomeric material for use as a flexible flashing membrane. It can also be used to prepare sheathing joints for subsequent application of MasterSeal AWB 660, MasterSeal AWB 665 or MasterSeal AWB 660 I air/water-resistive barrier membranes.

Recommended uses of MasterSeal AWB 900 liquid flashing membrane

MasterSeal AWB 900 is designed for use as a membrane for flashing rough openings, and as a detailing compound for preparing sheathing joints for application of an air/water-resistive barrier membrane.
Acceptable substrates include ASTM C1177 sheathing, plywood, pressure treated wood, OSB, steel and aluminum.

MasterSeal AWB 900 liquid flashing membrane features

• Can be applied to damp substrates
• Withstands rainfall immediately after application
• Fast cure and tack-free time
• Bonds to a wide range of substrates
• Does not contain solvents, phthalates or isocyanates

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