MasterSeal AWB 960 AC enables lower temperature application with MasterSeal AWBs

MasterSeal AWB 960 AC description

​MasterSeal AWB 960 AC is a liquid low temperature additive designed for use with MasterSeal AWB 660, MasterSeal AWB 665 and MasterSeal AWB 660 I  fluid-applied air and water-resistive barrier products. It can also be used with MasterSeal AWB 600 FL Block Filler. It enables application of these materials at temperatures as low as -4° C (25° F).

Advantages of MasterSeal AWB 960 AC

  • Broadens application window; fewer temperature-related limitations on your project
  • .95L (one quart) treats one 19L (5-gallon) pail of MasterSeal AWB 660, MasterSeal AWB 665 or MasterSeal AWB 660 Iand two 19L (5-gallon) pails of MasterSeal AWB 600 FL
  • Easy mix ratios
  • Works with standard products; no need to buy special Part A/Part B kits

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