MasterLife CI 30: Calcium nitrite-based corrosion-inhibiting concrete admixture

Formerly: Rheocrete CNI

How does MasterLife CI 30 work?

MasterLife CI 30 calcium nitrite based corrosion inhibiting admixture is used for reinforced concrete. MasterLife CI 30 admixture contains a minimum of 30% active ingredients by mass and meets ASTM C 494/C 494M requirements for Type C, accelerating admixtures as well as the requirements of ASTM C 1582/C 1582M.

Recommended uses:

  • All types of steel reinforced concrete, including precast/pre-stressed and posttensioned applications
  • Parking garages, bridge decks, marine structures, slabs, floors and other reinforced concrete applications requiring corrosion protection against chlorides from de-icing salts or marine exposure
  • 4x4 Concrete

What are the unique features of MasterLife CI 30?

  • Effective corrosion protection against chlorides in concrete

What are the benefits of MasterLife CI 30?

  • Extended service life of reinforced concrete structures
  • Set acceleration, which may be desirable in cold weather applications

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