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    Enhancing Concrete Workability​

    Improve efficiency from batching to placement

    Concrete workability is defined as how easily freshly mixed concrete can be mixed, placed, consolidated, and finished. Optimal concrete workability has the potential to reduce labor costs, minimize placement effort, and shorten the project schedule for a construction job. Utilizing chemical admixtures to improve workability can: 
    • Help optimize concrete consistency and mixing time
    • Promote easier placement and pumpability
    • Facilitate consolidation
    • Enhance finishability

    Mixing Concrete

    To ensure homogenous distribution of a concrete mixture, the workability and mixing time must be optimized. This is especially true with lower water content mixtures. The following technology can improve the efficiency of the mixing process at the concrete plant:

    Placing and Pumping Concrete

    Whether concrete is placed through a paving machine or pumped 100+ stories high, the following admixture technologies can help achieve the appropriate workability: 

    • High-range and mid-range water reducers enhance the concrete’s mobility and fluidity, facilitating placement. 
    • Viscosity modifying admixtures add body, rheology, and robustness to provide segregation resistance in highly fluid concrete and enhance pumping. 
    • Rheology-modifying admixtures increase concrete lubricity to help stiff concrete extrude easily, and lower pump pressures in more fluid concrete applications.
    • A workability-retaining admixture provides flexible, but predictable, degrees of slump retention without retardation. It provides consistency in air-entrainment, slump, workability and strength, and minimize the need for jobsite slump adjustment using water or high-range water-reducing admixture.

    Consolidating Concrete

    A concrete mixture’s response to vibration determines how easily and how well it will consolidate. To improve a mixture’s response to vibration, the following technologies can be used:

    Finishing Concrete

    Concrete finishing can be impacted by timing, environmental conditions, and raw material characteristics. The following technologies can improve the finishing process and final appearance of concrete:

    Enhancing Concrete Workability