MasterMatrix 33: Rheology-controlling concrete admixture

Formerly: Navitas 33

How does MasterMatrix 33 work?

MasterMatrix 33 rheology-controlling admixture is a patent-pending, liquid admixture that is specially developed for low–slump concrete and paving mixes. MasterMatrix 33 admixture meets ASTM C 494/C 494M requirements for Type S, Specific Performance, admixtures.

Recommended uses:

  • Mainline concrete paving
  • Low–slump concrete
  • Curb and gutter
  • Extruded concrete
  • Median barriers
  • Hollow-core slabs, railroad ties, flat slabs, poles, walls, pipe, and other repetitive products
  • Conventional slump concrete and SCC mixtures where enhanced surface appearance is desired

What are the unique features of MasterMatrix 33?

  • Modifies concrete rheology
  • Acts as a lubricant
  • Improves response to vibration
  • Exhibits thixotropic properties – adds body

What are the benefits of MasterMatrix 33?

  • Higher volume flow which increases productivity/extrusion rate
  • Facilitates optimization of cementitious materials content to improve extrusion and surface finish
  • Facilitates the use of manufactured or gap-graded sands
  • Reduces costs associated with placement and finishing
  • Produces smoother surfaces
  • Minimizes edge slump
  • Improves riding quality
  • Enhances aesthetics and durability
  • Extends service life of vibrators/paving equipment

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