MasterGlenium 3030: Full-range water-reducing concrete admixture (superplasticizer) 

Formerly: Glenium 3030

How does MasterGlenium 3030 work?

MasterGlenium 3030 ready-to-use full-range water-reducing admixture is a patented new generation of superplasticizers based on polycarboxylate chemistry. MasterGlenium 3030 admixture is very effective in producing concretes with different levels of workability including applications that require the use of self-consolidating concrete (SCC). MasterGlenium 3030 admixture meets ASTM C 494/C 494M requirements for Type A, water-reducing, and Type F, high-range water-reducing, admixtures.

Recommended uses of MasterGlenium 3030 concrete superplasticizer:

  • Concrete where high flowability, high-early and ultimate strengths and increased durability are needed
  • Self-consolidating concrete
  • Concrete where normal, mid-range, or high-range water-reduction is desired
  • Concrete where normal setting times are required
  • Strength-on-demand concrete, such as 4x4 Concrete
  • Pervious Concrete
  • Self-consolidating grout

What are the unique features of MasterGlenium 3030?

  • Dosage flexibility for normal, mid- and high-range water reduction
  • Reduced water content for a given slump
  • Produces cohesive and non-segregating concrete mixture
  • Increased compressive strength and flexural strength performance at all ages
  • Providing faster setting times and strength development
  • Enhanced finishability and pumpability

What are the benefits of MasterGlenium 3030?

  • Providing economic benefits to the entire construction team through higher productivity and reduced variable costs

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