Waterproofing & Reducing Permeability

Controlling water penetration integrally

Admixtures can facilitate concrete placement and control water penetration for many applications. The expected concrete exposure conditions and desired performance will determine which solution to control permeability is appropriate for the application. Local BASF representatives can help with the appropriate solution.

BASF Solutions to Control Concrete Permeability:

  • Reduce permeability to minimize water penetration into concrete
  • Waterproof concrete to keep water out, and concrete structures dry

Reducing Permeability

Concrete produced with a densified microstructure limits water penetration which can transport undesirable contaminants into the concrete structure. BASF offers innovative admixture solutions that help achieve low permeability concrete that resists deterioration and extends service life.

Waterproofing (Watertight)

Concrete produced with a waterproofing admixture that also seals hairline cracks will provide additional resistance to water penetration and provide a baseline level of waterproofing. Minimizing crack potential of concrete is also an important consideration. BASF provides additional solutions for optimizing water tightness in concrete. 

Waterproofing & Reducing Permeability

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