MasterBrace FIB 600-50CFS: Unidirectional high-strength carbon fiber fabric for the MasterBrace Composite Strengthening System

Formerly: MBrace CF 160

How does MasterBrace FIB 600-50CFS work?

MasterBrace FIB 600-50 CFS is a dry fabric constructed of very high strength, aerospace grade carbon fibers. These fabrics are applied onto the surface of existing structural members in buildings, bridges, and other structures using the MasterBrace family of performance polymers.

The result is an externally bonded FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) reinforcement system that is engineered to increase the strength and structural performance of these members. Once installed, the MasterBrace System delivers externally bonded reinforcement with outstanding long-term physical and mechanical properties.

MasterBrace FIB 600/50 CFS is twice the thickness of MasterBrace FIB 300/50 CFS. Two layers of MasterBrace FIB 300/50 CFS can be replaced with one layer MasterBrace FIB 600/50 CFS.

Recommended uses:

  • Increase load-bearing capacity of concrete beams, slabs, walls and columns
  • Restore structural capacity to damaged or deteriorated concrete structures
  • Increase the strength of concrete pipes, silos, tanks, chimneys and tunnels
  • Substitute reinforcing steel mistakenly omitted in the construction of concrete and masonry structures
  • Improve the seismic ductility of concrete columns
  • Improve the seismic response of concrete beam-column connections, shear walls and in-fill walls
  • Improve the blast resistance of concrete and masonry structures
  • Strengthening of some steel and timber

What are the unique features of MasterBrace FIB 600-50CFS?

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Can add significant strength to a structure without adding significant dead load
  • Excellent resistance to creep and fatigue
  • Withstands sustained and cyclic load conditions
  • Extremely durable
  • Extremely resistant to a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Easy installation

What are the benefits of MasterBrace FIB 600-50CFS?

  • Can be installed quickly, even in areas of limited access
  • Low aesthetic impact
  • Easy to conceal
  • Will not significantly change existing member dimensions
  • Will form around complex surfaces

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