Crack Repair and Bonding

Strength and flexibility for your projects

Whether you need strength fast, so you can move to the next project, or the flexibility of extending working time, our adhesives get the job done.

Crack Repairing and Bonding Products


MasterInject 1380

Bonds cracked concrete for structural integrity | Repairs delaminated concrete toppings | Fills porous or honeycombed concrete or grout | Cures quickly for fast return to service

MasterEmaco ADH 326

Designed for use in warm environments | Extended working time for flexibility | Bonds to damp concrete | Interior and exterior applications | High-build formula means only one application needed | Fills joints and voids in masonry

MasterEmaco ADH 327

Ideal for vertical and overhead bonding and patching, and anchoring applications | Bonds to rigid and flexible materials | Fills joints, gaps and uneven surfaces
Rapid Setting

MasterEmaco ADH 1090RS

Gains strength quickly | Ideal for anchoring applications | Interior and exterior applications | Bonds to damp concrete | Fills joints and voids in masonry

MasterEmaco ADH 327RS

Cures quickly at moderate temperature | Seals surfaces prior to epoxy injection | Horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces | Bonds rigid materials | Pins loose or broken masonry
Crack Repair and Bonding

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