MasterFinish RL 211: High quality, water-based form-release agent

Formerly: MBT Rheofinish 211

How does MasterFinish RL 211 work?

MasterFinish RL 211 form release agent offers a safe, cost-effective alternative to traditional oil-based release agents. This unique product, when applied to most forms and form liners, is formulated to enhance the appearance of precast, prestressed and cast-in-place concrete. MasterFinish RL 211 form release agent significantly reduces production costs through its efficiency, ease of use, and its superb release capability.

Recommended uses:

  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Precast concrete

What are the unique features of MasterFinish RL 211?

  • Ready-to-use
  • Extremely efficient release mechanism
  • Assists in controlling surface appearance
  • Non-staining
  • Unaffected by light rain or other mild weather conditions
  • Spray-applied
  • Water based
  • Significantly reduces form cleaning

What are the benefits of MasterFinish RL 211?

  • Permits match casting of intricate details
  • Minimizes surface voids (bug holes)
  • Acceptable for use with white cement
  • Flexible application timing
  • Reduces overall production costs
  • No mixing required
  • No solvent, no odor; no fume or flammability problems
  • Environmentally preferable and biodegradable
  • Extends form life

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