Dry Shakes and Floor Toppings

Toughness that stands the test of time

MasterTop metallic and mineral aggregate surface hardeners and floor toppings improve wear, abrasion and impact resistance of floors. Benefits include:

  • Extended floor life
  • Permanent color that will not fade
  • Reduced energy costs with light reflective formulations
  • Smooth and slip-resistant finishes 
  • Formulations that are resistant to rust, oil and grease

Dry Shakes and Floor Topping Products

Metallic Aggregate

MasterTop 200

Metallic-aggregate colored & natural dry shake surface hardener | Light-reflective formulations reduce energy costs & lighting | Provides 4x greater abrasion resistance than mineral aggregates & 8x greater abrasion resistance than standard concrete

MasterTop 210COR

Ferrosilicon non-oxidizing metallic-aggregate dry-shake surface hardener | Improves the wear of concrete surfaces | Will not rust or corrode floors even in constantly wet conditions | No jobsite measuring or mixing required

MasterTop 300

Heavy duty malleable metallic aggregate topping | Highest level of impact tolerance and abrasion resistance | High compressive strength – sustains heavy loads | High slump, screedable consistency makes it ideal for horizontal applications
Mineral Aggregate

MasterTop 100

Colored and natural aggregate dry-shake surface hardener | Provides 2 times greater abrasion resistance than standard concrete | Reduces energy and lighting requirements | More resistant to liquid penetration; easy-to-clean

MasterTop 110ABR

Coarse, top-sized, graded quartz-mineral aggregate dry shake | For use on freshly placed or screeded concrete to increase wear and abrasion resistance | Apply with mechanical equipment to ensure uniform coverage

MasterTop 120SR

Slip-resistant hard aggregate surfacer for concrete floors and pavement | Rust-proof, noncorrosive formula ideal for wet and damp areas | Easy to clean | Excellent wear, impact and abrasion resistance
Dry Shakes and Floor Toppings

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