MasterTop 100 colored and natural mineral-aggregate dry-shake surface hardener

Formerly: Mastercron

MasterTop 100 description:

MasterTop 100 is a ready-to-use cementitious dry-shake surface hardener incorporating specially sized and graded mineral aggregates. When evenly distributed and finished over freshly leveled and floated concrete, it adds color and improves the wear resistance of concrete floors.

Recommended for use:

  • Where an attractive, surface-colored concrete floor is desired
  • Where improved wear resistance for light- to moderate-duty traffic is needed
  • When traffic and wear do not demand the added abrasion and impact resistance of a metallic-aggregate surface hardener
  • Over freshly leveled and floated concrete
  • On warehouse and storage areas
  • On institutional and commercial floors

What are the unique features of MasterTop 100?

  • Increases wear resistance
  • Available in light-reflective formulations
  • Creates a high-density surface
  • Built-in permanent color
  • Reduces surface wear and dusting

What are the benefits of MasterTop 100?

  • Up to twice the serviceable life of concrete
  • Reduces energy and lighting requirements
  • More resistant to liquid penetration; easy-to-clean
  • Eliminates the cost of periodically painting or staining the floor
  • Lowers routine maintenance and repair costs

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