MasterSeal CR 190: Two-part flexible epoxy joint filler

Formerly: Epolith P

How does MasterSeal CR 190 work?

MasterSeal CR 190 is a two-component self-leveling 100% solids epoxy control joint filler designed to protect joints in industrial concrete floors subjected to hard wheels and heavy loads.

Recommended uses:

  • Horizontal
  • Interior or exterior
  • Concrete
  • Control joints in concrete
  • Retail, warehouse and industrial floors
  • Random crack filling

What are the unique features of MasterSeal CR 190?

  • Provides excellent resistance to spalling, abrasion, chemical attack, and corrosion
  • Ideal for filling random cracks
  • 100% solids to fill joints completely and reinforces side walls without shrinkage

What are the benefits of MasterSeal CR 190?

  • Chemical resistant, making it suitable for many industrial environments
  • Stiff yet resilient to help absorb floor vibration and wheel impact; reinforces joint edges to prevent spalling in heavy-duty areas

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