​Primers, Patching Compounds, and Block Fillers

To be used with MasterProtect wall coatings

Primers, patching compounds and blockfillers can be used on a variety of substrates including stucco, brick and concrete.  The excellent workability properties of these chemicals can result in significant labor savings.

  • Modified acrylic primers for use with high-build coatings
  • Acrylic patching compounds used with stucco, brick, and concrete substrates. Great for use in damp and humid climates.
  • Acrylic based block filler used to primer and fill porous masonry

Primers, Patching Compounds and Block Filling Products

Block Filler

MasterProtect FL 749

Provides excellent surface closure while allowing moisture vapor to escape from the substrate | Product can be applied to damp substrates and has excellent workability

Patching Compounds

MasterProtect FL 746 and FL 748

Knife grade, textured | 100% acrylic crack bridging material | Fills voids in vertical substrates


MasterProtect P 200

White-pigmented acrylic copolymer primer | Perfect for chalky surfaces | Cool weather application

MasterProtect P 100

Modified acrylic primer that consolidates weak, dusting substrates for improved adhesion and durability of MasterProtect acrylic coatings.

MasterProtect P 150

A tintable, modified acrylic primer to seal substrate and improved adhesion and workability of acrylic coatings.

Primers, Patching Compounds and Block Fillers

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