​MasterSeal 658: Slip resistant acrylic coating for asphalt and concrete; line striping and primer

Formerly: Tuf-Trac

How does MasterSeal 658 work?

MasterSeal 658 is a water-based, slip resistant acrylic coating for concrete and asphalt. Its accessories provide a complete coating system for outdoor recreation areas and surfaces with pedestrian traffic.

Recommended uses:

  • Interior and exterior
  • Pedestrian traffic areas
  • Balconies
  • Swimming pool decks
  • Arenas
  • Walkways and stairways
  • Tennis courts and playgrounds
  • Bike paths
  • Recreational areas

What are the unique features of MasterSeal 658?

  • Comes in vivid, permanent colors that help beautify concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Ready to use with nothing to add or mix; just pour and spread
  • Water-based for easy cleanup

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 658?

  • Slip resistant safety finish makes MasterSeal 658 ideal for pedestrian traffic surfaces
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Weather resistance for excellent durability and abrasion resistance
  • Colors are non-glaring, making them ideal for tennis courts
  • Available in custom colors for a wide range of color choices

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

MasterSeal 658 - Line Striping

MasterSeal 658 - Primer

MasterSeal 658 - Tint Base Neutral

MasterSeal 658 - Tint Base Medium

MasterSeal 658 - French Gray

MasterSeal 658 - Green

MasterSeal 658 - Red

MasterSeal 658 - White

MasterSeal 658 - Medium Color Series

MasterSeal 658 - Neutral Color Series

MasterSeal 658 - Pastel Color Series

MasterSeal 658 - Ultra Deep Color Series

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MasterSeal 658 Slip-resistant Coating for Concrete and Asphalt Flyer

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