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    ​MasterFiber M 100 | Synthetic Monofilament Microfiber

    How does MasterFiber M 100 concrete fiber additive work?

    MasterFiber M 100 is a high-tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity, ultra-thin monofilament homopolymer polypropylene fiber designed to quickly distribute uniformly throughout the concrete matrix. At the engineered dosage level of 0.50 lb/yd³ (0.3 kg/m³), MasterFiber M 100 outperforms all other plastic shrinkage fiber reinforcements at their typical dosage of 1.0 lb/yd³ (0.6 kg/m³).

    Recommended commercial concrete applications:

    • Residential slabs-on ground
    • Commercial slabs-on ground
    • Stucco
    • Dry-packaged cement based products
    • Precast products
    • Pools and pool decks
    • Water tanks
    • Shotcrete

    What are the unique features of MasterFiber M 100 monofilament concrete fiber additive?

    Among concrete fiber additives, MasterFiber M 100 is a superior choice. It’s formulated to ensure fast, even dispersion in the concrete mixture, which helps produce a high-quality finish.

    • Outperforms similar synthetic fibers for concrete
    • Uniform distribution of monofilament fibers throughout the concrete matrix
    • Excellent finishability​

    What are the benefits of MasterFiber M 100 monofilament fiber​?

    • Excellent reduction in plastic shrinkage cracking
    • Transforms macro-cracks into micro-cracks
    • Measurably reduces plastic settlement in concrete
    • Measurably reduces the concrete permeability, thus increasing the durability and service life of the concrete
    • Performs as an excellent companion in blends with macrosynthetic fibers and steel fibers​

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