Cementitious Grouts

Grouting materials to provide lasting security, stability and alignment

Our cementitious grouts are specifically engineered to be highly fluid, non-bleed, non-shrink with extended working times.  Our recommended applications include: 
  • Void and duct grouting 
  • Chemical anchoring 
  • Precision machinery and element alignment

Cementitious Grouting Products


MasterFlow 110AN

Versatile, multi-purpose anchoring grout | Provides high initial strength
Cable & Tendon Application

MasterFlow 816

Aggregate free | Pumpable | Protects against corrosion

MasterFlow 1205

Cement based pumpable grout | Mitigates chloride migration | Extended working time

MasterFlow 1206

Cement based pumpable grout | For projects at horizontal, inclined and vertical configurations
Industry & Construction

MasterFlow 4316

Premium mineral aggregate | Can be applied in hot and cold weather | Ultimate compressive strength

MasterFlow 100

Multi-purpose grout Non-catalyzed | Contains mineral aggregate

MasterFlow 555

Fluid | Non-Shrink mineral aggregate | Provides load bearing support

MasterFlow 713

Can be used in any consistency | For applications that require precision support

MasterFlow 885

Extended working time | For projects requiring optimum toughness and precision load bearing support

MasterFlow 928

Hydraulic cement-based mineral aggregate | For projects requiring precision load bearing support
Cementitious Grouts

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