MasterFlow 110AN: Rapid-setting grout and anchoring cement for concrete and masonry

Formerly: Sonopost

How does MasterFlow 110AN work?

MasterFlow 110AN is designed for a variety of grouting and anchoring applications where high initial strengths are useful, including the grouting of machinery and equipment bases and the anchoring of railings, bolts, and posts.

Recommended uses:

  • Railings
  • Anchor bolts
  • Posts
  • Normal loads for columns and base plates
  • Structural columns
  • Seating bolts
  • Reinforcing rods
  • Power line stations

What are the unique features of MasterFlow 110AN?

  • Only requires the addition of potable water
  • Fast setting
  • Pourable

What are the benefits of MasterFlow 110AN?

  • Hardens free of bleeding when properly placed and yields a high effective bearing area for proper support and load transfer
  • Shrinkage compensated and thus reduces stress at bond line

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