MasterFlow 4316: Ultra high-strength, hybrid performance precision grout for machinery

​How does MasterFlow 4316 work?

MasterFlow 4316 provides high early and ultimate compressive strengths over a wide variety of application and service temperatures. The superior performance of MasterFlow 4316 lies in its novel hydraulic binder with applied nanotechnology and premium material aggregates which, when mixed with water, produces a flowable and pumpable grout that can be installed in temperatures ranging from 35 to 100° deg F (2 to 38° C).

Recommended Uses:

  • Grouting of equipment, such as compressors and generators, pump bases and drive motors, tank bases, conveyors, foundations, etc.
  • In cold weather, when tenting and/or heating are impractical
  • Where high early and ultimate compressive strengths are required
  • Where high service temperatures are present
  • Where a non-shrink grout is required for optimum load transfer
  • Applications requiring a pumpable grout
  • Grouting anchor bolts, rebar and dowel rods

What are the unique features of MasterFlow 4316?

  • High early strength with low creep for rapid turnaround—up to 4,300 psi at 8 hours
  • Excellent effective bearing area (95%) for even load distribution
  • Extremely dense material with proven fatigue resistance—durable
  • Outstanding shrinkage, impact and vibration resistance
  • Exceptional temperature resistance—up to 1000° F (538° C)
  • Homogeneous, flowable and pumpable
  • Positive expansion when tested according to ASTM C 1090
  • Freeze/thaw stable
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion equivalent to concrete
  • 16,000 psi ultimate strength

What are the benefits of MasterFlow 4316?

  • Great flexibility for application conditions aids scheduling
    • Ability to be placed in hot weather - up to 100° F
    • Ability to place in cold weather (35° F / 2° C)
  • Application advantage—one component, easy mixing, placement and cleanup

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