​Epoxy Grouts

Designed for improved chemical resistance and high dynamic load capacity

Our epoxy grouts offer outstanding properties such as zero shrinkage and high resistance to fatigue.  Recommended applications include:
  • Rotating equipment 
  • Base plates 
  • Crucial machinery parts

Epoxy Grouting Products

MasterFlow 640

Accelerated cure rate | Early strength development | Enables cold-weather applications | Early return to service

MasterFlow 647

Epoxy resin grout | For grouting cracks in structures and machinery foundations

MasterFlow 648

Low dust | For projects requiring fast turnaround | Best used in high temperature applications

MasterFlow 649

High performance epoxy grout | For support of heavy equipment | Ensures proper transmission of loads

MasterFlow 668

Three component resin-based grout | Used in high performance properties | Can be placed directly to concrete or steel

MasterFlow 678

Deep pour epoxy grout | Can be placed in depths of up to 18” | Does not require extension of lifts
Epoxy Grouts

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