MasterRoc EQ 250 OR

Dry oakum rope for chemical grout applications

How does MasterRoc EQ 250 OR work?

MasterRoc EQ 250 OR is a dry oil free oakum rope made of twisted jute, designed for use in chemical grout applications. When used in combination with MasterRoc MP chemical grouts, the rope swells to seal cracks, joints, and annular spaces around pipe penetrations. This assists in reducing material waste, and makes the grouting easy to handle in difficult conditions.

  • Sealing joints and cracks
  • Sealing around pipe penetrations
  • Stopping and/or slowing water flow
  • Pre-injection surface sealing
  • Crack injections

What are the unique features of MasterRoc EQ 250 OR?

  • Made of natural, oil free jute fibers
  • Loose twist [1 ΒΌ turns per ft (4 turns per m)] - can be easily unravled to fit into smaller joints or cracks
  • Easy to cut into desired workable lengths

What are the benefits of MasterRoc EQ 250 OR?

  • Excellent absorpotion
  • Environmentally preferred
  • Can easily fit into small joints or annular spaces between 1/4 in. to 2 in. (6 mm to 50 mm)

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