​​MasterRoc MP 300

Low viscosity, flexible acrylic resin with adjustable set times and adjustable water to resin levels specially formulated for repairs of dams, sewer and storm pipe systems, and for pre-excavation grouting, strata control and soil permeation grouting.

How does MasterRoc MP 300 work?

MasterRoc MP 300 product is a versatile, low viscosity resin that facilitates adjustable set times with adjustable water to resin contents. MasterRoc MP 300 product forms a flexible crosslinked gel with excellent adhesive properties. MasterRoc MP 300 product retains its excellent swelling property in the presence of water, even after dry periods.

Recommended uses:
  • Sealing and consolidation in damp or wet areas
  • Concrete repair
  • Box culvert joint repair
  • Storm and sewer pipe sealing
  • Permanent water sealing of tunnels, shafts, concrete linings and masonry
  • Pre-excavation injection

What are the unique features of MasterRoc MP 300?

  • Acrylamide-free
  • Re-swells upon exposure to moisture after dry periods
  • Cured material is a highly flexible gel
  • Excellent adhesive properties, even on damp or wet surfaces
  • Resistant to acidic and alkaline solutions, as well as many other solvents
  • Very low viscosity (close to that of water)
  • Controllable gel time (between 10 seconds and 30 minutes at 68 °F (20 °C))
  • Can be used with colored dye for better detection
  • Environmentally preferable

What are the benefits of MasterRoc MP 300?

  • Swelling-fitted filling of cracks and fissures
  • Can accommodate structural and ground movements
  • Self-heals even after dry periods
  • Very low viscosity helps in deep penetration of the product into very fine cracks or fissures and long flow paths, even at low pressure
  • Harmless when in contact with groundwater, with no emission of dangerous substances

Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

MasterRoc MP 300 - Accelerator

MasterRoc MP 300- Hardener

MasterRoc MP 300 - Resin

MasterRoc MP 300​​​ - Part B

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