MasterRoc MP 307CE: Low-viscosity, fast-reacting acrylic resin for permanent water sealing and layer curtaining of concrete and masonry

Formerly: MEYCO MP 307CE

How does MasterRoc MP 307CE work?

MasterRoc MP 307CE is a highly reactive two-component acrylic resin with a low viscosity for good penetration. The product cures quickly, forming a rubber-like resin with the ability to withstand certain ground and crack movement. MasterRoc MP 307CE acrylic resin is especially designed for concrete repair and is CE certified according to EN 1504-5.

Recommended uses:

  • Concrete repair as swelling fitted filling of cracks and fissures
  • Permanent sealing of tunnel linings, shafts and masonry against static ground water pressure of more than 12 bar (1200 kPa)
  • Stopping minor water inflow
  • Injection of injection hoses
  • Ground stabilization
  • Curtain injection

What are the unique features of MasterRoc MP 307CE?

  • Very low viscosity
  • Controlled gel time between 3 and 22 minutes at 68 °F (20 °C)
  • Workable between 41 °F (5 °C) to 104 °F (40 °C)
  • Superior flexibility (Elongation at break >300%)
  • Good chemical resistance against acids, bases, solvents, fuels, etc.
  • Good bond strength to fractured rock and concrete, even under wet conditions

What are the benefits of MasterRoc MP 307CE?

  • Environmentally preferable – harmless in contact with ground water
  • Low viscosity allows deep penetration into very fine fissures and cracks
  • Good assimilation to ground movements or settlements
  • Durability of more than 10 years
  • Water tightness up to more than 12 bar (174 psi [1.2 MPa])
  • Non-corrosive
  • Not sensitive to water and closely retains its original shape (maximum change of mass -15% to +20%)

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MasterRoc MP 307CE

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