​MasterRoc MP 368 TIX

Highly reactive, thixotropic, & fire-resistant two-component polyurea silicate injection resin for ground consolidation

How does MasterRoc MP 368 TIX work?

MasterRoc MP 368 TIX is a thixotropic two component polyurea silicate injection resin that is fast reacting, solvent-free, and is specifically designed for rapid ground consolidation in strata with open cracks at the surface. It is also suitable for concrete crack repair. The thixotropic behavior of MasterRoc MP 368 TIX product prevents uncured resin from flowing out of the fissures.

Recommended uses:
  • Consolidation of fractured rock in underground structures
  • Stabilization of face headings
  • Sealing against gas and water
  • Sealing of cracks in walls and roofs
  • Concrete crack repair

What are the unique features of MasterRoc MP 368 TIX?

  • Good adhesion to concrete and rock strata
  • Mixes easily even in low temperatures (as low as 40 ºF [5 ºC])
  • Compressive strength of over 5000 psi (35 MPa) in 24 hours
  • Thixotropic behavior immediately after mixing
  • High structural strength combined with flexibility
  • Injected material has good adhesion to damp and low friction substrates
  • Does not absorb water and hence, does not expand in the presence of water

What are the benefits of MasterRoc MP 368 TIX?

  • Secure, precise, and flexible injection applications
  • Reduces rock falls typically resulting from unstable ground conditions
  • Uncured resins remain in the fissures

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MasterRoc MP 368 TIX Data Sheet

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