MasterRoc MF 510: High-performance plasticizing and water-reducing admixture for mine backfill mixtures

What is MasterRoc MF 510?

It is a ready-to-use high-range water-reducing admixture designed for mine backfill applications, particularly effective in improving the consistency of the backfill mixtures. This is accomplished by providing unparalleled slump retention without compromising early-age compressive strength development and setting time. Slump retention helps to maintain more consistent performance from batch to batch, thereby improving operational efficiencies.

What are the features of MasterRoc MF 510 in mine backfill applications?

  • Reduced water content
  • Superior slump retention
  • Optimum setting time
  • Dosage flexibility

What are the benefits of MasterRoc MF 510 in mine backfill applications?

  • Reduces the water content of backfill mixtures leading to higher in-situ strengths
  • Workability retention without retardation
  • Lower viscosity and lower friction losses in transportation„„
  • Optimizes mixture costs
  • Reduces pump and distribution pressures
  • Enhances rheology
  • Ability to attain difficult combinations of high-early and late-age compressive strengths
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves operational efficiencies

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MasterRoc MF 510 high-performance plasticing and water-reducing admixture for mine backfill mixtures

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