MasterRoc MS 675: Lubricating aid, viscosity modifier and strength enhancer for shotcrete and concrete

MasterRoc MS 675 Description

MasterRoc MS 675 is a liquid dispersion of nanometric colloidal silica, designed to improve the properties of shotcrete and concrete in both the plastic and hardened states.

MasterRoc MS 675 product is used for improving the physical and mechanical performance of pumped concrete, shotcrete and conventionally placed concrete.

MasterRoc MS 675 Features

  • Very low viscosity
  • Normal setting characteristics
  • Reduced bleed characteristics
  • Reduced segregation, particularly in lean mixtures and high slump concrete mixtures

 MasterRoc MS 675 Benefits

  • Enhanced workability and stability
  • Improved pumpability, especially over long distances
  • Improved sprayability of shotcrete, including a reduction of rebound
  • Improved strength and durability of concrete mixtures
  • Reduction in shrinkage of hardened concrete

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MasterRoc MS 675 lubricating aid and strength enhancer for shotcrete and concrete

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