MasterRoc SWA 710: Strong thickener for soil conditioning in Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)

How does MasterRoc SWA 710 soil conditioner for TBMs work?

MasterRoc SWA 710 is a liquid polymer that is specifically designed for use in ground and slurry conditioning. MasterRoc SWA 710 polymer works as a binding agent that restructures soils with poor grading and low fines content, increasing its plasticity and cohesion, which helps to improve the balance of pressure in the working chamber, leading to better ground stability and soil extraction.

Where is MasterRoc SWA 710 used?

  • Earth Pressure Balance (EPB)and Slurry TBMs
  • Areas of high ground water pressures, poorly graded ground, water saturated ground, ground containing a low amount of fine particles
  • Bentonite slurry modification in case of high soil porosity or saline water conditions
  • Improving the yield and filter cake properties of bentonite and filler slurries
  • Lubricant for pipe jacking

Features of MasterRoc SWA 710

  • Reduces soil permeability
  • Ready to use - no mixing equipment required

Benefits of MasterRoc SWA 710

  • Structures the soil, particularly effective in coarse, clean sands and gravels below groundwater
  • Provides an even and controlled support pressure
  • Increases excavating face stability
  • Increases cohesion of coarse sands and gravels
  • Improves the yield and filter cake properties of bentonite slurries
  • Creates plastic deformation properties in the soil
  • Lowers the inner friction and abrasiveness of the soil

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MasterRoc SWA 710 Data Sheet

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