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    MasterTop 1215AHS seamless flooring system for aircraft hangars

    Formerly: Selby Aircraft Hangar Floor System

    MasterTop 1215AHS description:

    MasterTop 1215AHS is a specially formulated epoxy and polyurethane/polyaspartic coating system that forms a tough, UV-stable, abrasion-resistant flooring system specifically for use in aircraft hangars.

    Recommended uses:

    • Where resistance to aircraft fuels, hydraulic fluids, and rubber tires is required

    What are the unique features of MasterTop 1215AHS?

    • Excellent abrasion resistance
    • Chemical and stain resistant
    • Glossy, light reflective finish

    What are the benefits of MasterTop 1215AHS?

    • VOC compliant
    • Ideal for wheeled traffic
    • Easy to maintain
    • High light reflectivity providing increased visibility for a safer work environment

    US / Canada Product Information

    Data Guide

    Certification Letter

    LEED Letter (for system with polyurethane topcoat) 

    LEED Letter (for system with polyaspartic topcoat)

    Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

    MasterTop GP 500 - Coatings Kit Part A

    MasterTop GP 500 - Coatings Kit Part B

    MasterTop GP 500 - Part B

    MasterTop GP 500 - Clear

    MasterTop GP 500 - Custom Color

    MasterTop GP 500 - Light Gray

    MasterTop GP 500 - Silver Gray

    MasterTop GP 500 - Steel Gray

    MasterTop TC 493 - Clear

    MasterTop TC 493 - Custom Color

    MasterTop TC 493 - Gray

    MasterTop TC 493 - Light Gray

    MasterTop TC 493 - Light Tan

    MasterTop TC 493 - Red

    MasterTop TC 493 - Tan

    MasterTop TC 493 - White

    MasterTop TC 493 - Part B

    MasterTop TC 683 - Fast-Setting Clear Part A

    MasterTop TC 683 - Fast-Setting Tint Part A

    MasterTop TC 683 - Fast-Setting Part B

    MasterTop TC 683 - Low-Odor Clear Part A

    MasterTop TC 683 - Low-Odor Tint Part A

    MasterTop TC 683 - Low-Odor Part B

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    Master Builders Solutions Technical Support

    Construction Systems


    Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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    Certification Letter

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    Data Guide

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    LEED Letter

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    LEED Letter

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