For long-lasting, attractive flooring installations

MasterTop underlayments and primers can make the difference between a successful flooring project and unwanted callbacks. Our underlayments:

  • Correct surface imperfections for an aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Enhance adhesion for long-lasting performance
  • Offer flexibility for extended working time or fast project completion

Underlayment Products

Primers & Accessories

MasterTop A 100

Multipurpose, acrylic polymer liquid additive improves adhesion, strength and flexibility | Mix with MasterTop 116FC to improve adhesion and curing | Mix with MasterTop 115FC in embossing leveling applications

MasterTop P 160

Primer and bonding agent | Provides a maximum strength binder coat | Compatibility with uncured adhesives eliminates dull residue | Compatibility with cured adhesives can prevent expensive floor refinishing

MasterTop P 200

Primer for MasterTop underlayments and cementitious floor toppings | Seals concrete surfaces and provides a maximum strength binder coat | Tinted light blue to facilitate coverage | Water based for easy clean-up | Re-emulsifiable, long recoat window

MasterTop 110 SL

Self-leveling cementitious underlayment for interior use | Compatible with most carpet and tile adhesives | High early strength allows for rapid installation of floor finish | Extended working time | Shrinkage compensated to minimize cracking and spalling

MasterTop 115FC

Rapid-setting surface finishing underlayment | Fills minor holes and cracks in concrete and underlayments | Can be feather edged | Does not require primer | Can be used as a skim coat | Compatible with most flooring adhesives

MasterTop 116FC

Use to patch and smooth cured concrete, approved wood underlayments and cover cutback residue | Can be installed up to 1 inch | Easy to mix | Does not require primer | Compatible with most flooring adhesives

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